brand identity, visual components

visual identity

Brand identity encompasses visual components, which are part of your branding. They help to communicate the overall message, values, and promise of your brand.


Your brand is made up of everything tangible and intangible. It creates the overall experience people have when they hear about or interact with your brand.



The basic visual identity package costs USD 200,-. It includes a logo design with its professional description (i.e. colours, fonts used, etc.) In addition, we provide designs of business cards and the company letterhead.


This package costs additional USD 300,-. It includes identification templates for the company vehicles and a design of publications, e.g. brochure, catalog or flyers.


We are prepared to design any visual branding elements you may think of. From marketing materials, advertisement and information banners and boards, through your employees' garments and badges, to an interior design for shops and other company premises. This package is calculated on the per order basis.